Psychic Christopher Golden on Your Future

Understanding Your Future with Psychic Christopher Golden

YAHOO NEWS: I challenge the scientific world to take a closer look at the world of psychic phenomenon. Although the psychic “industry” is cluttered with fakes and flakes and phonies, there are some real and legitimate psychics among us.

One analogy was given which I feel is worthy of consideration. If 100 people jumped off the Empire State Building and 98 of them hit the ground, wouldn’t it be worth looking at the 2 who did not? What happened? So most psychics are gypsies, con artists and cheats. But what about those who can legitimately predict the future? I feel that science owes us an explanation. Please allow me to offer my own.

When we are talking about the future we are talking about time. This immediately raises an important and fundamental question. Where does time exist? I ask the scientific community to prove to me that time exists anywhere other than the mind. Your theory, that time absolutely exists, has holes in it. It’s flimsy, it’s superstitious and it is simply not true. Time is a trick of the mind. Time is a figment of the imagination.

So before learned and respected people, with letters after their names, demean the world of Metaphysics, by calling it superstition, I would challenge you to show me that your world, the physical world, exists at all. Where does it exist, other than the mind? Is it not abundantly clear that the physical and non-physical world are one in the same? The material world is part of the spiritual world. Allow me to explain further.

There is zero proof of an Objective Reality. What we have is a shared collective experience. Your reality is subjective. And my reality is subjective. But also “our” reality is also subjective. The idea that there is a you separate from an I is also a trick of the mind – that is unless you believe that you are only your body, your history and your thoughts. Then you are truly in bondage to the mind, in bondage to the conditioning of the society and you will sleepwalk through life without really living at all. Although this has been the social norm for a long time, it is becoming less normal and more people are starting to wake up from the daydream.

Past, present and future are all part of the same landscape. This moment, right now, contains the past, the present and the future. It has already happened, but it’s also happening and it’s about to happen. The whole of “reality” can be seen in any one of its parts.

So how do real psychics know the future? Well first, none of us are 100 percent accurate. The good ones are better at distinguishing between our personal bias and a genuine psychic hit. But we all make mistakes from time to time. That said, at the most subtle levels of consciousness, time and space simply do not exist as such. A psychic is simply a person with a very high intuitive process, which allows us to transcend the mind, if only for a moment, and glimpse beyond the veil of illusion.

So how do I get a “psychic hit”? I will reveal that to you right now. There are two things that happen at once. The first I have alluded to when I stated that past, present and future are all part of the same landscape. And I have stated that a genuine psychic can access more subtle states of consciousness, whereby we have something of bird’s eye view of that landscape, we can see where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. But there is another component as well.

Future events are determined by a combination of three factors, and those are 1) Fate, 2) Karma, and; 3) Free Will. Fate is what determined your gender, your parents, your country of origin, the time you were born, etc. However, beyond that Fate has very little to do with shaping your future. Fate sets you on a certain trajectory, but then the rest of mostly up to you.

More and more people are becoming willing to take on the responsibility of realizing that it is the individual who is in fact the architect of one’s own reality and not circumstance. There are some things you simply cannot change. But most things you can, when it comes to determining your future. And this brings me to the second component in how I get a psychic hit. I read “you”.

It has been said that your character is your destiny. And in 25 years of giving psychic readings I have found this to be so very true. Your character is your destiny. Another way of saying this is that your state of consciousness contains the blueprint for your future. If you want to change your future, change your consciousness. If you are serious about this, I would be more than happy to help (please email: instead of calling).

Lastly, it occurs to me that there may be a comment section below where there will be those who attack the messenger. Never mind them. Just remember this, if you want to change your future all you have to do is to change yourself. It is really that simple. You don’t need a psychic to do it. This is just one way of making the transformation, but there are many others which are just as valid and useful.

Consciousness is who and what we are. Your consciousness contains the blueprint for your future. And you have the power to change that, for better or for worse. The real secret is hidden in plain sight. The future you desire is yours for the taking. All you have to do is grab it.

Psychic Christopher Golden is based in Beverly Hills California. He has been called the "Psychic to the Stars" by the Wall Street Journal and most recently appeared on the book, "The Top 100 Psychics". The local Fox Affiliate rated him the "Number 1 highest rated psychic in the Los Angeles area". Psychic Christopher Golden can be found on the web at: 


I was about to get married and instead everything fell apart and I was about to have to tell everyone the wedding was off. I found Chris after searching high and low. He helped me by using energy work and my man and I worked everything out, got back together and got married. I am really grateful to Chris for all of the hard work he did to put everything back together again.

- Kim, USA