Psychic Christopher Golden on Why Celebrities Use Psychics

WSJ: Psychic Christopher Golden

WALL STREET JOURNAL: After a couple decades, forecasting the future for the top names in show business, Psychic Christopher Golden was recently asked, “Why do so many celebrities go to psychics for advice?” And this veteran psychic to the stars had more than a few unexpected things to say, “If you think about it, a celebrity is not just a person. They are a commodity. They are a brand. And many families put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads, as the result of working for this brand. So when the brand gets in trouble, everyone is in trouble”.

Golden gives an analogy, “For instance, when a famous athlete say has a certain indiscretion, the products he endorses face a serious financial crisis – and so do their workers all over the world quite frankly. Not only is his family embarrassed, but his managers, agents, publicists, personal staff, everyone faces the possibility of financial ruin – or at least a costly blow to their hard-earned reputations.” He adds, “There is just so much at stake in keeping a brand protected. And to be honest, some people need to be protected from themselves for the sake of others who have made sacrifices for them. If such an individual, who is also a brand, has access to a real psychic, someone who can see around corners, why wouldn’t they utilize that resource? So it is often for this reason actually, that it is a celebrity’s manager or agent who first reaches out to me for help – and not the celebrity themselves.”

“I’m obviously not going to name names,” Says Golden. “And the example of the athlete is hypothetical. Tiger Woods is not my client. But his is a cautionary tale, and best explains why so many handlers seek out legitimate psychics to advice their top clients. When an actress is deciding on a role for instance, if she makes a bad choice, she is going to take a lot of people down with her. The same holds true if she were to get into an unhealthy relationship with someone who drags her down. So is it any surprise that it’s often the agent or manager who reaches out to a psychic for help.”

“There is a common misconception” says the celebrity clairvoyant, “That the idle rich call up psychics out of boredom or self-indulgence. And although this is very often the case, when it comes to high profile individuals in media, the decision to contact a reliable psychic is more often based on either sound business sense, or sometimes just outright desperation. There is just too much riding on getting everything right. And let’s face it, even the most expensive psychic usually does not cost as much as a team of lawyers, psychiatrists, interventionists and spin control doctors. A Hollywood psychic, with a proven track record, just makes good business sense.”

According to Golden, “One of the things a celebrity gives up is being their own person and making their own decisions” he adds. “It’s something you trade sometimes in order to be famous, or pursue your passion in the arts. So a comedian may want to do a serious role, but in many cases that is not only a bad idea, but one for which many people are going to pay the price. Sometimes a tough guy action star wants to do a romantic comedy and the only person they are going to listen to is their psychic.” Golden adds that, “There are a lot of hard working people behind the scenes, from the Key Grip to the Studio Boss, and their livelihood is at stake when an A-list star makes a good choice or a bad choice.” He points out, “It was smart for Jim Carrey to do dramas and for Robert DeNiro to do comedies, but this is often not the case for other A-listers with similar ideas”.

When asked if stars come to him for relationship advice, Golden admits, “Sure, eventually. But that’s not usually how our working relationship starts, to put it mildly. Some of my long term clients were not so thrilled to meet me in the beginning. They were not excited about having yet another person in their life, telling them what they ought to be doing. However, once the trust is built, if my advice helped a talented individual to hit it out of the ballpark with their career, then a friendship is established. And really only then am I looked upon as someone who can be trusted with very private, sensitive and personal issues. That takes time.”

Psychic Christopher Golden asked that we include the following, “I never name names and I never will. The vast majority of my clients, easily 95 percent of them, are neither rich nor famous. I am interested in facilitating people’s spiritual growth. That’s my true calling. So if someone comes to me under the pretext that I am going to help their career, or reunite them with their ex, so be it. But for me this is just a jumping off point, the beginning of a broader spiritual journey – a journey of awakening to the full potential of who and what you truly are. After all, that is why we are here, at this time, in this human form.”

The Psychic Christopher Golden is based in Beverly Hills, California. He has been providing metaphysical guidance since 1989 and can be found on the web at: for private consultations by phone. His clients range from royalty to bus drivers in Detroit. He is known to charge upwards of $50k for the privilege of letting his VIP clients put him on a monthly retainer, however he was quick to point out that a simple 15 minute psychic reading is priced affordably, “for the everyday person to take charge of their future”.

Alex Silverman contributed to this report.


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