Psychic Christopher Golden on Psychic Scams

by Psychic Christopher Golden

YAHOO NEWS: If you take getting a psychic reading seriously, if you are looking for answers about love, stopping a divorce or trying to get your ex back, there are a few things you need to know about online psychics.  This is a true "Buyer Beware" situation. Psychic scams and gypsy rip off schemes abound – and the door to that world opens the moment you type a few words into a search engine.

When I first started doing psychic readings there really was no internet. But in the shadowing anonymity of the World Wide Web, it seems a new scam is born every minute. Fortunately there are many genuine and reputable psychics out there to be found. This article is not about them.

Whereas an individual psychic may or may not be honest, the psychic industry is nearly as corrupt as the healthcare industry, divorce lawyers and even mechanics. I say "nearly as corrupt" because even a phony online psychic typically does less damage to a person than a doctor who is in the pocket of a pharmaceutical company, or a predatory divorce lawyer who preys on your emotions to get you to file unnecessary motions – at several thousand dollars a pop.

Years ago I found it unfortunate that so many people sort of rolled their eyes at the idea that a person can possess psychic abilities. Now I'm glad they do. One can never be too skeptical when it comes to any product or service, sold online, which sounds too good to be true.

Not only does one need to watch out for outright scams, when it comes to online psychics, but there is another danger. The internet is filled with websites put up by people who imagine themselves to be psychic but are not. Their homes are filled with crystals and dream catchers and their websites feature images of Unicorns and medieval kitsch. These foks truly imagine themselves to be Clairvoyant but this is merely the product of self-delusion.

So what should you look for in a real psychic and what should you avoid? How does one tell the difference between a gypsy con artist and an authentic psychic intuitive? Below are a few guidelines I have put together. My aim is to provide some perspective, but ultimately you will have to rely on your own gut feeling, when it comes down to it. The signs are not always so obvious when it comes to distinguishing between the contenders and the pretenders.

Avoid anyone who only accepts Western Union as their form of payment. You have to ask yourself why they are unable to obtain a merchant account to process credit cards. Avoid psychic websites without testimonials. When a satisfied client writes in with positive feedback a smart psychic will ask them if it's okay to post this on their site, even anonymously.

Avoid the big psychic sweatshops. In order to avoid retaliation I will not name names. But you might be surprised to learn which major corporations own some of the "psychic entertainment" websites. These are often staffed by out-of-work actors, housewives trying to supplement their income, delusional sliver ponytails who never came down from an acid trip in the sixties, well-meaning intuitives who don't quite have the psychic mojo to host their own site and build a client base and of course, gypsy con artists. It should be mentioned that nearly all of these big sites also have some very good and reputable psychics on them. Good luck in trying to distinguish which ones those are, among the literally thousands of pretenders among them.

Of the individual "psychic" websites, avoid anyone who claims to be 100 percent accurate. I have been using my psychic abilities to help other people for decades now. But I am not 100 percent accurate. I have made mistakes. I will probably make more. Absolutely no one is 100 percent accurate. If a doctor told me that a heart transplant he performs is guaranteed, I would have good reason to be suspicious of such a claim – and so would you. Why would we hold the bar down lower for someone who claims to be psychic?

Guarantees are easy to make and hard to back up. The only guarantee I make to my clients is that I will do my best. If that was not enough to keep people coming back, year after year, I would probably be in the wrong occupation.

Do not waste your money on love spells. I would not go so far as to say they never work. But love spells rarely work. They are primarily based on superstition and wishful thinking. The last time I published that statement there was suddenly a rash of negative reviews posted about me. Imagine the coincidence of that. The competition in the phony world of love spells is fierce and ruthless. Beware of anyone who claims to have won an award, such as "best spell caster" several years in a row. I've been fairly well known in the psychic world for years. How come I have never heard of the "Best Spell Caster" award ceremony?

A real psychic can possibly help you reverse a break up. But no one can force another person to love you. A real psychic can possibly show you how to earn more money, but you still have to do the work. Sometimes an authentic psychic can stop a divorce, but it isn't done by waving sage at the moon. You have to follow the instructions given to you if you trust that the person you are working with is truly psychic and you must not give yourself over to any idea which strikes you as counter intuitive.

Real psychics exist. Many of us are good and well-meaning people. But the psychic industry is not always so well-meaning. Be careful. Don't turn your back on the incredible world of metaphysics. Just go into it with both eyes open.

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- Michael G. / USA