Psychic Christopher Golden Makes List of Top 100 Psychics

Psychic Christopher Golden Makes the List - It's Official

YAHOO NEWS: They say that nothing succeeds like success. And it was just last week that Psychic Christopher Golden was awarded a "Top Psychic" nod (Yahoo News, Feb 26, 2014). Now the highly anticipated directory, "The Top 100 Psychics in America 2014" was just released, and Psychic Christopher Golden has made the cut. It is the rare psychics, such as Golden, who grace the pages of this fascinating and one-of-a-kind collection, featuring the best of the best.

The author, Paulette Cooper is the award-winning author of 20 books. Her most famous of course is her courageous and groundbreaking "The Scandal of Scientology” (1971). In her latest effort, in collaboration with Paul Noble, she has interviewed hundreds of psychics, creating a well researched volume – a veritable “who’s who” of the psychic industry. And who better than a skeptic and a critic of those who would abuse spirituality to manipulate others, to be qualified to envision and execute an ambitious project on this scale?

Says Cooper, “Here's the real story behind America's most famous psychics, mediums, healers and astrologers such as Psychic Christopher Golden, Frank Andrews, George Anderson, Kenny Kingston, John Holland, Michelle Whitedove, The Psychic Twins, Glynis McCants, Mary T Browne, Shelley Ackerman, Voxx and more.”

She adds, “There really is no other book like this. In easy-to-read three-page interviews,with photos, they tell how they got started, what life is like for them, their most interesting cases, famous clients, etc. Plus how to make contact (websites, phone numbers, e-mail) for phone or in-person readings.”

Author Paulette Cooper went on to say that, “These are the most checked out, vetted list of psychics and astrologers anywhere. Those seeking a psychic reading and have this book no longer have to choose someone from an advertisement, or from a so-called “best” list on the Internet (where fake psychics paid to be included), calling a psychic entertainment sweatshop, or stopping at a gypsy storefront psychic on the street.”

When asked why a book like “The Top 100 Psychics in America 2014” is needed, Psychic Christopher Golden had this to say, “It goes without saying that most gypsies are not crooks. But it would be irresponsible not to mention that too many of the storefront type of “fortune tellers” are in fact gypsy scam artists, who over the course of many generations, have perfected the fine art of telling people what they want to hear, simply to separate you from your money. These frauds are in the emotional transportation business and the fare is due, at the end of the ride, with whatever they can get out of you. This unfortunately muddies the water for those of us who are sincere in our intentions and in service to our gift. And given the anonymity that the internet provides, this ugly side of the so-called psychic world has only gotten worse. A book such as this one is needed now more than ever, for those looking to the metaphysical realm for the kind of insight that the material world cannot offer."

Paulette Cooper added that, “The psychics included have been accurate and helpful, such that their clients return and recommend them. They’ve built up successful practices based on repeat businesses and word-of-mouth, unlike those who depend on people’s impulses to call a stranger in a moment of desperation. Most of the psychics included in this book were also vetted by major media.”

The author goes on to emphasize that, “No other group of psychics and astrologers has ever been as thoroughly researched. We spent countless hours, going through literally thousands of websites, newspapers and magazine articles, radio programs, books, videos, YouTube and so much more. We discarded phony phone psychics and storefront hustlers. Instead, we focused on gifted professionals, who satisfied enough clients to rise to the top, mostly on word of mouth or repeated media exposure. After choosing those who seemed most promising, we thoroughly researched them, and even criminally checked many to see if they had ever been arrested. Finding such talented individuals, in an industry overrun by literally thousands of charlatans is like finding a diamond in the rough. And we were able to find 100 such diamonds. We are proud to share such powerfully gifted psychics and astrologers with the world.”

Psychic Christopher Golden, when asked why the world of psychic advisers has become a $2.1 billion a year industry, had this to say, “A few years back there was this amazing woman who really stood out on a Lifetime program called ‘America’s Psychic Challenge’. Her name was Michelle Whitedove and she summed it up pretty well when she said that, ‘People are seeking out top notch psychics and mediums because they've lost faith in their money managers, stockbrokers, business advisors, the government, doctors and sometimes even sometimes the religious establishment. People are looking for insider information of a different kind!’ and really I could not agree with Michelle more," adds Golden. "She nailed it.”

Psychic Christopher Golden said, “I endorse this book not because I am featured in it. I would not have agreed participate, had it not been authored by Paulette Cooper, a brave skeptic whom I’ve long respected for having the courage to take on Scientology, long before it was safe or fashionable to do so. Such an individual is rare and I can think of no one more qualified to top together a reliable book with a title like The Top 100 Psychics in America. I am truly honored to have made the list.”

Psychic Christopher Golden is located in Beverly Hills, California and is available on the web at: by appointment only. The Wall Street Journal called him "The Psychic to the Stars" but his primary focus is on matters of the heart.





"I was beginning to think I had completely disconnected from the world of dating and intimacy. Too much disappointment had made me cynical. And then I fell in love with someone online. And then, predictably, there were problems. I wanted to give up but my heart wouldn't let me. I was truly in love and it was special and it was all starting to slip away from me. I spoke to Chris for a long time and I felt like I was finally talking to someone who gets it. He agreed to help me, for a fee of course, but it was worth it. Over the course of a couple of weeks he told me what to do and say to put my new relationship back on track and to break the old cycle I'd been in for years. I am happy now. I am not embarrassed that I used a psychic. Christopher Golden deserves this great review. He earned it. I will always be so grateful to him for making me believe in love again."

- Michael G. / USA